Our Vision

Transforming Lives, Communities and Culture

Our vision is for Barton Church to be a growing church, both numerically and in our faith.

We want to be a community that is living for Jesus Christ in every sphere of life; a community that is being equipped to serve him; a community that is training leaders to be sent out locally, nationally and internationally to impact lives, communities and culture.

An equipping church

We want to see the majority of the church being equipped to be ‘whole of life’ followers of Jesus in word and deed, wherever God has placed them, who in turn will lead others to follow Jesus.

A growing church

We want to be a growing church, laying foundations to both facilitate further growth, and to make a greater impact on our world.

An impacting church

We want to be a church community that sends people out, transformed by the good news of Jesus, to make a difference in our local area, our nation and our world.

Our congregation

We are a diverse church that values the experiences and input of all of our members, and welcome all ages and backgrounds. As part of our vision, we believe God has called us to specifically focus on reaching families, students and young people. Much of what we do is directed towards this goal, and for it to happen effectively we need the wisdom and skills of all our members, especially those who are mature in their faith and able to disciple and mentor newer Christians.