Younger Youth

Canterbury – Friday Evenings and Sunday Mornings
Faversham – Wednesday Evenings and Sunday Afternoons

For School Years 7 – 9

Wednesday and Friday Evenings

Various Location, 7pm // 32 Barton Road, 7:30pm

Our Faversham Younger Youth meet every Wednesday at various locations. Each week we gather together with other youth groups from Faversham for a wide variety of actives.

Our Canterbury Younger youth meet every Friday for a wide variety of activities. Movies, games, food and sports are just a few of the things that you’ll find happening.

On the last Friday of each month we join up with the older youth from both sites for All Youth Night. In the past we’ve gone bowling, played laser tag, eaten lots of pizza and even headed off to jump on some trampolines!

Canterbury Youth Programme

Sunday Morning and Afternoons

Canterbury College, 10:30am // West Faversham Community Centre, 4pm

We tend to have six week series, trying to delve into a range of Bible books, topics, and themes. We also have a very popular movie series which runs once or twice a year.

Our Canterbury Younger Youth meet every week to hang out together, learning about and discussing the Bible.

Current Series: The Great Escape - Exploring the book of Exodus and seeing how God was faithful to His people through the toughest of times.

Our Faversham Younger Youth meet every week to hang out together, leaning about and discussing the Bible.

Current Series: Through the Psalms. Over the next school term we will be exploring some of the most famous and not so famous Psalms but are still full of amazing truth and hope.

On the odd occasion  younger youth don't meet you’ll be able to stay and listen to the sermon. If you find it helpful, there’s usually material available to help you take notes and lollipops to help you focus.

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