Volunteer Programmes

Barton Church is committed to identifying, training and sending out full-time Christian workers to lead people, communities and churches, both locally and globally.

Canterbury has a transient population, and this makes Barton ideally placed to build up leaders who will go out and make an impact for God worldwide. We offer an internship programme as a way of training and discipling people who are considering the possibility of Christian leadership in the future.

Internship Volunteer Programme

1 year programme

We invite volunteers to come and spend a year as a part of Barton Church, stretching their horizons and growing in their gifts. The programme is open to recent graduates, and we seek to offer a well-balanced experience geared to an individual’s gifts and passions, as well as exposing you to a range of ministries. You would be expected to have a part-time job alongside the programme, and you would also receive regular training in ministry skills, theology and apologetics.

The Internship Volunteer Programme is a great opportunity to:


a range of opportunities in church ministry


the possibility of working in Christian ministry

Be Equipped

through an intentional discipleship training year

Ministry Volunteer Programme

2-3 year programme

Our Ministry Volunteer Programme is geared towards providing practical training and experience in church leadership and ministry. You will be involved in many aspects of the running of Barton Church, but will also receive teaching from theological training centres that we are partnered with. This programme is funded by Barton Church’s training fund, and is tailored to an individual’s calling.

The Ministry Volunteer Programme is geared towards:

Leadership equipping

by enabling participation in an intentional discipleship programme creating personal spiritual development through theological training and church-based ministry

Leadership experience

by being involved in a church-based ministry team with opportunities to apply theological training to different church settings throughout the programme

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