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Sat 6th March 2021    |   09:00am

About Twelve:Two
Twelve:Two is a space for women to come together to renew our minds and transform our lives by studying God's Word. We are passionate about encouraging and equipping one another for a deeper understanding of the Bible, as this enables us to live as whole-life disciples.

Over the course of the year, we will be coming together to learn from Luke's Gospel. Each session will include time for fellowship, a talk and discussion. We will emailing round the Bible passage and some starter questions ahead of time and would love it if you could join us in reading, thinking and praying about them before the session. 

Zoom Details
Meeting ID: 982 0142 4234
Passcode: 545607

Passage and Questions
Luke 10:17-24 - The return of the 72: 

1. How do you think the seventy-two felt as they listened to Jesus' instructions?
2. Why do you think they were instructed to heal the sick before telling people the Kingdom of God was near?
3. What are the seventy-two told to rejoice in above all else in verse 20? Why do you think Jesus says this?
4. Why do you think the prophets and kings mentioned in verse 24 did not get to hear and see what the seventy-two did?

Dates for the Diary
Twelve:Two will continue on 17th April and 15th May.

Previous Session Hand-Outs 
Click here for session one handout: 'Background and Context of Luke'
Click here for session two handout: 'Boy Jesus at the Temple.'
Click here for session three handout: 'Jesus calls Levi.'
Click here for session four transcript: 'Jesus and the Sinful Woman.'