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Sat 4th December 2021    |   09:00am

About Twelve:Two
Twelve:Two is a space for women to come together to renew our minds and transform our lives by studying God's Word. We are passionate about encouraging and equipping one another for a deeper understanding of the Bible, as this enables us to live as whole-life disciples.
Over the course of the year, we will be coming together to learn from the book of Acts. Each session will include time for fellowship, a talk and discussion. We will email round the Bible passage and some starter questions ahead of time and would love it if you could join us in reading, thinking and praying about them before the session. 
We are continuing on Zoom for this term and will be reevaluating how it is best to move forward with in person/Zoom hybrid sessions in the New Year. If you feel comfortable, we would encourage you to meet in small groups in your own homes for fellowship, food and to join the session together.
Starter questions for Acts 2:1-13
1. What does the word 'Pentecost' mean? 
2. Do you think it is significant that God chose that particular day to send His Holy Spirit? (Look up the Jewish feast of Shavuot)
3. Can you think of any examples in the Old Testament where fire or wind have been a symbol of God's presence and/or divine power?
4. At the very end of Luke's Gospel, and also in Acts 1:8 Jesus tells the disciples that they will firstly receive the Holy Spirit, then they will be His witnesses. Reflect on the significance of this order of events for our own witness.
5. What Old Testament event is being reversed in verses 6-11?
6. What has been your experience of teaching on the Holy Spirit and/or of the Holy Spirit itself?
7. If you have time, do some research on one or more of the following: the Azusa St Revival; the Hebrides Revival; the Welsh Revival of 1904.

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Meeting ID: 590 815 5228
Password: 246140