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Year 6 and Younger Youth Canoe Wild

Sat 11th June 2022    |   00:00am

Younger Youth Canoe Wild is an awesome day out where we welcome the Year 6's to Barton Youth! Designed for maximum fun, opportunities to meet new people, and team building, this is a great way for the year 6's to start there time with other youth from Barton.

Whilst at Canoe Wild there will be various activities (which are to be confirmed), but last year we got involved in canoeing and paddle boarding and within those activities a lot of laughter, fun and madness. 
This day out does will include getting wet and there isn't much we can do about that as we will be on water with young people and youth team who make it their mission to get people wet if they're dry.

The price is yet to be confirmed as we are currently in talks with Canoe Wild about the kind of day we are looking for and what activities will be involved.

We just wanted to give you a heads up on the date (Saturday 11th June) so you can keep it free and book it in your diary. Please do begin to sign your young person up and we will give a more definite deadline in the coming months.

Any thoughts or questions please do get in touch with Ross by emailing or grabbing him on a Sunday or whenever you see him.

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