Barton Youth Team are passionate about helping young people grow an authentic faith, to live boldly and be part of a contagious community.

Authentic Faith

Young people who have a genuine relationship with Jesus, who accept God’s authority/influence over their lives, and who take ownership for their own faith.

Bold Living

Young people making choices which are undeniably in obedience to God, risking popularity, rejection and comfort by living a life of outrageous joy, love, peace, generosity and hope.

Contagious Community

A community of young people centred on the love of Jesus, being attractive to those who encounter it because of the shared sense of belonging and desire to deepen relationships.

Canterbury Youth

In Canterbury we have have a girl’s group which meets every Monday from 3.30pm. On Tuesdays, Older Youth (Yr 10+) get together from 7.30pm and on Fridays it’s Younger Youth’s turn to meet and hang out from 7.30pm. On the last Friday of each month it’s time to join both groups together for one big youth night. When Sundays come around we meet altogether for big games, inspiring talks and time with friends.

Faversham Youth

In Faversham we join with other churches every Wednesday to create one unified youth group which meets at Faversham Baptist Church from 7pm. On Sundays we meet altogether to hang out, get stuck into the Bible and have fun along the way.

Throughout The Year

We run other things throughout the year to support our vision for the youth work at Barton Church. Young people will have the opportunity to take part in our annual highlight – the Youth Weekend Away. Parents will have the opportunity to meet with the youth team and other parents at our All Team, All Parents Nights/Breakfasts. Young people will have the opportunity to serve the wider church and head out for lunch at random times with the rest of the youth.

YWA 2019 Highlights