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Now that a roadmap to a more natural way of life has been shared with us all, and with all the excitement that comes with that, there is also a roadmap to in person youth work!

We will update this section at each step which will give you an insight to what the youth work will look like for those involved in Barton Church Youth.

The information below is what Barton Youth Work will look like up until the May half-term. 

Barton Youth Team as always are still passionate about helping young people grow an authentic faith, to live boldly and be part of a contagious community.

Authentic Faith

Young people who have a genuine relationship with Jesus, who accept God’s authority/influence over their lives, and who take ownership for their own faith.

Bold Living

Young people making choices which are undeniably in obedience to God, risking popularity, rejection and comfort by living a life of outrageous joy, love, peace, generosity and hope.

Contagious Community

A community of young people centred on the love of Jesus, being attractive to those who encounter it because of the shared sense of belonging and desire to deepen relationships.

Sunday Youth

Every Sunday at 10.30am a video is released onto our YouTube Channel! This talk will be the same talk that is being explored at both our Canterbury and Faversham Site.

At 11am Canterbury Youth meet at the Sports and Business Centre at Canterbury College which runs along side both the adults and kids work! During the hour we have we will have time of hanging out, playing big group games and then engaging with the talk series.

If you are wanting to attend one of our services and your young person wants to join us, which we would love for them to do, then you will need to sign yourself and them up. Please get in contact with us for that.


At 4pm, for those that are in our Faversham Youth group, we meet at West Faversham Community Centre. We catch up on the week we have just had, eat cookies/muffins, watch the talk from the talk series and then discuss what we’ve explored!

Midweek Youth

Our midweek youth is where we really focus on the contagious community aspect of our vision. We really hope that any young person that comes along to one of our groups feels welcomed, included and loved.

Tuesdays: From 7.30pm, we open our doors up at 32 Barton Rd to any young person that wants to join us! We are currently exploring different themes such as Jesus, thankfulness, offering, help, and sorry… Each week there is some kind of food with once a month there being a full dinner for us to enjoy together.

Wednesdays: From 7pm, we join in with Hope Faversham Youth. Hope Faversham Youth is a youth group that is made up of youth from a variety of churches in Faversham and we generally meet outside at the Faversham Recreation Ground. 

Friday: Each Friday we have an open youth group and we try an organise for stuff to be outside as much as possible. To keep up to date with what’s going fill out the form below!


We know that this season we find ourselves in brings up all kinds of different emotions, feelings and questions, and the youth leaders at Barton want to make sure that during this time the young people God has entrusted us with are cared for as well as possible. Young people always have the opportunity to meet with a youth leader, be part of a smaller community and be welcomed, included and loved.


If you or your young person wants to get involved with what is happening at Barton Church then we would love to connect with you! Our youth worker Ross would love to hear from you. Please email him at