Next Steps

Wherever you are on your journey of faith, there is a next step you can take at Barton Church.

Maybe you’re wanting to get to know people in your community? Perhaps you’re looking for opportunities to use your gifts, passions and experiences in serving God? Maybe you’re looking for help in discovering what your gifts actually are, or just want to find out more about Jesus?

Whoever you are, whatever you are looking for and wherever you live in the area, there are teams who can help you figure out what it means for you to follow Jesus with your whole life.

Christianity Explored

Many people have questions about faith and God but don’t know where to explore them. Christianity Explored is a seven-week course which is run throughout the year and provides an opportunity to ask questions without having to commit yourself to anything. The course is free, and it’s a safe place to ask any and all of the questions that you have.

Life Groups

Barton is a growing church, and it’s not fun to get lost in the crowd. Life Groups are the small groups that form the heart of the Barton Church community.

Life Groups are a way of sharing life together, and providing mutual support, care and encouragement as we seek to live out God’s call on our lives in the day-to-day.

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Serving others is a part of life in our church family. It helps us to connect with one another and is a key way in which God uses us to transform lives and communities.

Barton Church offers many opportunities to serve and grow in faith.


Baptism is a way of publicly declaring that we are committing our whole lives to following Jesus.

Baptisms are an important event for the church. They are celebrations of God’s transforming love and an opportunity to hear the unique stories of people who have come to know Jesus.

Take your next step

Take your next step

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