The Foundations course is designed for those who are just beginning their journey of following Jesus, or for those who feel like they need help in understanding the core concepts of God’s message.  It’s an important part of our vision as a church to make disciples.

Foundations helps equip you to follow Jesus in day-to-day life, dealing with big issues, and giving you some key tools that will help you get to know God better.

The course consists of 10 interactive Bible studies, which can be experienced one-to-one or as part of a larger group.

Course Outline

New Life: Being a Disciple
New Community: Life in the Church
Firm Foundations: Studying the Bible
Firm Faith: Reliability of the Bible and Evidence for the Resurrection
Great Promises: Overview of the Old Testament
Great Fulfilment: Overview of the New Testament
Growing Faith: Your Relationship with God
Growing Love: Knowing God Better
Real Change: Knowing Yourself Better
Real Challenge: Knowing that we are in a Battle

“What I loved about Foundations was the chance it gave me to grasp the big picture of the Bible and know how to apply it to my everyday life.”
Course participant

“Foundations provided me with the key building blocks of what it means to follow Jesus, so that I now feel able to join a Life Group and grow in my faith in a deeper way.”
Course participant