Stuart’s Story

Stuart Trimmer has been a member of Barton Church for several years and has previously been an Elder. Recently he has had some struggles with his health which has led to time off work and has limited his independence. In these posts Stuart shares with us some of the lessons he has learned and is learning during this time.

Thanks – Joy – Humility

Joy Comes in many forms but is wonderful. It can spring up in the most unlikely circumstances and can be created or shared by anyone. Since I have been confined in hospital I have found my self more emotional than previously. Fiona and I both cry for no reason. The least thing can require the dab of the handkerchief. But I was talking about joy.


I am fascinated by the minds of those who create strap lines for commercial products as some of you may remember.  We will spend some time discussing ‘Simples’ (the meerkats), ‘JDI’ and ‘Trust Pilot’. I had a long while thinking about things both in hospital and at home. Two of these subjects you…