Life Groups

Life Groups are the small groups that form the heart of the Barton Church community.

Barton is a growing church, and it’s not fun to get lost in the crowd. Life Groups are a way of connecting with others, sharing life together, and providing mutual support, care and encouragement as we seek to live out God’s call on our lives. They are also a fantastic launch-pad for mission, as we discuss sharing our faith and supporting one another throughout the week.

Life Groups meet weekly in various homes in Canterbury, Faversham and the surrounding area. Groups currently meet on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as well as during the day on Friday. As a part of sharing life together, the groups will host regular lunches, social events and provide opportunities to serve others.

Every group is unique, but shares common goals:

Grow and develop together…

in our personal relationships with God

Care for and support…

each other by sharing life together

Identify and encourage…

each other’s gifts to enrich the church community

Equip each

for reaching out to the community around us

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