Hello and welcome to Canterbury! This is a great place to live and study and we hope you have a brilliant time here. We also want to give an especially big welcome to international students as we know it can feel daunting moving to another country to study.

We’d love to support and encourage you through your time at university. We know how important it is to be connected with other Christians during this time and Barton is a great place to feel part of a wider church family and to receive hospitality. There are loads of opportunities to be involved in church life, such as Life Groups and serving teams and the occasional student lunch. 

Campus Christian Unions do a great job in helping Christians connect with one another and in making Jesus known in the university. We’re firm believers in their work, and we encourage our student members to get along to CU events to benefit from and take part in the amazing work that they do.

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Whether we’ve known you for years or whether you’re new to Barton, we love hanging out and and getting to know you! If you’d like the opportunity to find out more about us or you just fancy a chat, then please get in contact using the form below or send us a message on our social media platforms. You can also email us at

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